17 Oct

Stay Fit this Halloween: 13 Tips for You

Halloween is around the corner, and that means chills, thrills, and candy. All those goodies are loaded with extra calories, which can lead to unwanted weight gain. Willpower sometimes isn’t enough. Stay fit before and after the sweet apocalypse with these tips: Eat early Whatever your plans are for the evening, eat a well-balanced meal […]

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18 Sep

How to Treat a Concussion: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Vestibular rehabilitation is known as a viable therapy for concussions. It worked to treat an injury incurred by 16-year old Shannon Kuczwaj. Despite wearing a helmet, she was hurt when she lost her balance while snowboarding and hit her head. Soon, Shannon experienced dizziness and headaches, and had difficulty concentrating — which are symptoms of […]

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15 Sep

How Acupuncture Can Assist with Fertility

It is not easy for families to cope with infertility issues, especially when they really want to conceive. There is often an overwhelming feeling of anguish and a sense of loss. Acupuncture, while valued for its relaxing and stress-relieving benefits, has recently become a component of fertility treatments. Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, […]

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28 Aug

Natural Ways to Treat Sports Injuries

Sports injuries benefit from physiotherapy treatment and other natural remedies. A number of injuries result from physical exertion and repetitive movement, rather than moderate exercise. If you have a serious problem that hampers your ability to participate in the activities you love, and impede your lifestyle, various therapies can help alleviate pain and promote healing. […]

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13 Aug

How Physiotherapy Alleviates Asthma

Asthma is a common respiratory problem and it your genetic makeup may make you more likely to develop the condition. The root causes of asthma are not fully known, but breathing unclean air containing particles and pollutants can be a factor. More than three million Canadians are asthmatic; dealing with symptoms can be difficult. Fortunately, […]

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23 Jul

The Psychological Effects of Injury for Athletes

An athlete needs to give their full commitment, determination, and passion to their sport. Sports are a huge part of an athlete’s personal identity. Regardless of the level of competition, an athlete needs to excel at their sport in order to achieve peak performance. Any reason to pause training or competition can be difficult, especially […]

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20 Jun

Dealing with Sciatic Nerve Pain

Have you ever experienced a nagging and agonizing pain that runs from your upper thigh down to your feet? You could be experiencing a type of sciatic nerve pain known as sciatica, a condition characterized by an unpleasant throbbing sensation in the lower back and limbs. The sciatic nerve is the single largest nerve in […]

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20 Mar

Daily Exercises for Office Workers

Building an exercise routine into a hectic schedule is essential for office workers. Many of us are exposed to extended hours of sitting at our desks. Office workers are at a higher risk of experiencing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). These develop from repeated, rapid, and forceful movements that affect the body’s muscles, nerves, and tendons. […]

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27 Feb

How Compression Stockings Work

Compression stockings are often worn by people with leg conditions like excessive swelling. People with various jobs and from different walks of life use them. If your doctor or physiotherapist recommends compression stockings, it can help to know how they work.     Compression stockings use graduated compression to push blood up to the heart. […]

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23 Feb

Medical Issues Treated by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

For many, pelvic floor physiotherapy is an effective tool to relieve and resolve various medical issues. Many physical conditions can be traced to weakness or tightness in the pelvic muscles. Some of these issues are common, but need treatment to reduce pain and allow a patient to function normally. You may need pelvic floor physiotherapy […]

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